Wednesday, May 02, 2007

11 Year Old 1 -- Two Illegal Aliens Breaking Into Her Home 0

Err, the title should read like a score. Girl 1, Aliens 0.

I stumbled across this jewel while surfing. It's a story of two illegals and their plan to do only God-knows-what to an 11 year old girl, Patricia Harrington, who was home alone.

Two illegals broke into her home after her dad had left (wait -- this can not be true, remember all illegal aliens are hardworking law abiding citizens). After they smashed down her front door, they soon realized the tragedy of their mistake ... Patricia was a clay shooting champion since the age of 9 and her dad had a 12 gauge mossberg.

To read the rest of this feel good story, go here.

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Monday, April 30, 2007

Dr. Sbano and His Cream Applicator

Umm, yes I haven't blogged in forever. Maybe I'll start again. This story had to be blogged about though.

Dr. Fadi Sbano is a genius. I dare say he is smarter than Philip Winikoff.

Dr. Sbano is not a doctor. He just plays one around stupid women.

What did Dr. Sbano do? He met a schoolteacher from Haverfordwest (I think this is some place in England) who was afraid that she had contracted typhoid again. Dr. Sbano told the schoolteacher that he had was friends with a gynaecologist who had invented a cream to cure the typhoid.

Because the cream was invented by a gynaecologist, it had special requirements. The first requirement was that the cream not be applied directly to the rash. The second requirement was that the cream be administered to the vagina. A simple application to the exterior of the vagina is not enough though for this magical cream. Instead it is required that the cream be applied "to his penis and apply it inside her."

Yes that is correct. The cream required penal insertion.

The treatments went on for 9 months. Before the lady began to question the motives. Dr. Sbano was very tricky in his `clinical' treatments. Some of the `clinical' advice was received from his gynaecologist friend -- "When the insertions took place, and depending on the instructions of his friend, he would thrust slowly or quickly for anything from one to ten minutes".

I wonder if Dr. Sbano wasn't available if one of his friends would administer the treatment?

Read the real story here. So for all you single guys out there ... There is hope -- just pretend to be a doctor.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Programming and Expletives

I saw this nice blog post about the occurence of profanity in source code. It is a nice break down of profanity per language and license. PHP takes the cake, but the gap between first and second may surprise you!

Click here to read more. Personally, I don't stick profanity in my source code. Often, I want to though :-).

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Judge Koeltl - An Iron Fist Against Terrorism (not!)

Judge Koeltl let Lynn Stewart off the hook with a sentence of only 28 months. The U.S. government was pushing for a 30 year sentence.

Lynn was tried and convicted of "providing material support to a terrorist conspiracy." However, her previous service to the poor, disadvantaged and unpopular gives her a free pass on supporting terrorists. Way to go Judge.

To recap, here is what we *KNOW* about Lynn.

  • Ahmed Abdel Sattar, her co-defendant *AND* paralegal *WAS* convicted for "conspiracy to kill or kidnap people in another country".
  • Ms. Stewart was caught on tape making, and bragging about making, covering noises to distract corrections officers while Mr. Yousry and the sheik communicated.
  • Ms. Stewart read a press release to a reporter indicating that the sheik was withdrawing his support for a "cease-fire" or cessation of attacks against the Egyptian government.

Now a bit of info about her paralegal, Ahmed Abdel Sattar.

  • Mr. Sattar was recorded on government surveillance tapes as plotting with a high-ranking militant in Islamic Group named Taha to resume the group's campaign against the Egyptian government.
  • Mr. Sattar admitted that he drafted a religious edict, or fatwa, in Sheik Abdel-Rahman's name calling for the murder of Jews around the world.

So, Ms. Stewart had a very close relationship with Mr. Sattar -- a convicted terrorist. She let the entire world know about a cessation of attacks against the Egyptian government. Plus she bragged about making `cover noises' for her terrorist buddies to speak.

For all this she gets 28 months. Luckily, Judge Koeltl had harsh words! Judge Keoltl said, "abused her position as a lawyer to gain access to Sheik Abdel-Rahman and used that access" to smuggle messages to terrorists.

Way to be tough on terrorism Judge K. Read more about this case here.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Between a Rock and a Boss

Friend of mine calls me today and is shooting-the-bull with me for a bit. I ask if we're going to the gym today and he replies, "No. My wife is having a bad day and I made her mad."

Husbands making wives mad is nothing new. So I inquire about his wife's day. That's when he reminds me that she was called to court today as a "hostile witness."

His poor wife has been pulled into the middle of a divorce. The wife is a close friend of hers. Of course the husband is her boss. So in court today, she essentially had to make her boss look like an ass by answering `marriage' questions about him.

Poor lady, she didn't want to be drug into this tornado. Real `friends' would never drag you into this sewer. Of course this only reaffirms the old adage "there's no such thing as a friendly divorce."

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Been to the moon and still kickin @#!

Wow. Watch this.

Buzz is a new American hero of mine. I was never taken away by the mysticism of astronauts. But Buzz's solutions to **holes makes me smile.

Monday, June 26, 2006

You're Drunk And I'm A Rapist (in Wisconsin)

Wisconsin, has recently passed a state law that allows really drunk women who have sex to claim they were raped. Male college students are left in shock, wondering how this could happen.

Game over guys. Someone actually had enough sense to say that women who are so drunk they can't walk are in no way capable of determining if they should have sex. They can't drive, so they can't hump, right?

What about the flip-side of that coin? I think that really drunk men who have sex with ugly women ought to be protected also. Sure, every guy wants a 10, but having five twos in one night doesn't add up to a ten. It adds up to an awful mistake.

Can guys be `raped'? If you're a drunk guy, you are suffering from the same impairments that a drunk woman would. Oh, sure, the woman just has to `lay there'. But odds are, `just laying' there is par for the course for her anyway. The only difference now is that she will regret laying there, later.

I hope to see a man having a fat woman prosecuted for taking advantage of him in his drunken state. Men have rights too.